IMDB top 50 movies

SolarMovie: It would be absurd and unreasonable to expect those bonuses to produce anything less than a big box office boost. Even if Batman v Superman were bad, I don’t believe that could prevent it from enjoying a blockbuster financial performance north of $800 million in 2016 vision films, since it’ll open massive around the world and just by the sheer power of the concept and Batman’s presence it should have at least moderate legs. So if it’s good or better, it should break $1 billion. If it’s great, then we’re probably talking Avengers level numbers or better best movies of the week. If it’s great, then I think it can match or top Avengers: Age of Ultron, and possibly The Avengers. But even if it manages that feat, can it beat Marvel’s next super-team blockbuster that opens just six weeks later?

Captain America: Civil War — I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this will be Marvel’s biggest film yet. Yes, it’s a Captain America sequel, and Cap’s last movie performed at $714 million globally, making it the fifth-highest grossing Marvel Studios movie to date on IMDB top 50 movies.